Mio Robot

Mio robot on wood floor

I am building Mio, a medium-sized wheeled robot that is designed to roam autonomously around the house, observe his surroundings, interact with people and learn from his environment.

Mio is far from complete, partly because my inspiration to work on him comes in spurts but also because I’ve changed the design multiple times. The latest design consists of:

Robot BaseArlo Robot Platform, with modified motor control unit.
SensorsIntel DS435 depth camera
Intel T265 tracking camera
8 ultrasonic ping sensors
Robot SoftwareROS 2.0 (Foxy Fitzroy)
OSUbuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)
ComputeIntel NUC Skull Canyon (i7 dual-core, 16GB RAM)
Major Components of the Mio robot

My goals for this fun project are to:

  1. Learn about autonomous robots by building one
  2. Experiment with robot software/hardware components to find a design that is reasonably priced (under $3K USD), can be replicated by others, and modular to allow for further enhancements. When possible, I will use open-source technology.
  3. Contribute to the open-source robotics community by sharing what I’ve learned


  • Building the Robot Base
  • Motor controller using Arduino Uno
  • Adding the Intel RealSense T265 and DS435 sensors
  • ROS 2 Navigation Stack

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