Hi there! I recently started this site to talk about the AI and robotics projects I’ve been working on during my spare time.

With AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics being hot (some say hyped) these days, you can find an overwhelming number of excellent Web resources to learn about these technologies and try them out. Some of my favorites are, OpenAI, KDnuggets and Towards Data Science

Left hand holding a black Twiddler3 chorded keyboard

While I try to keep up with recent developments, my projects tend to explore less travelled paths. One of them is inspired by the Memex idea that Vannevar Bush originally proposed in 1945, but I’ve morphed the concept into a personal mental amplifier and virtual assistant combo. It is built using a Twiddler3 one-handed keyboard and a smartphone.

Another is is a DIY programmable humanoid robot (build cost < $1000 USD) that interacts with autistic children and help them learn social skills. Sure you can get robots such as the Nao and Milo for this purpose, but they cost thousands of dollars and are out of reach for most schools and families.

Given my busy family life, I’ll post 1-2 articles a month at best. Please check in from time to time to see my progress. Thanks for visiting!