TwiddleTalk alpha release

I am more comfortable with chording but my typing is still slow after one month of casual use (no surprises). I also tend to make many errors when using my ring and pinky fingers, partly because I don’t use the included strap and the Twiddler sometimes slides around as my fingers stride between chords.

On a good note, I made progress towards my long-term goal. I created the basic framework of a virtual assistant / personal bot running on a mobile phone that I can interact with using the Twiddler. As you type messages, the bot responds by speaking. Right now it is not intelligent: the bot simply says the word or individual letters you typed depending on the mode you select. Later on I will add richer interaction capabilities.

But I’ve demonstrated the working principle. If the phone is paired by Bluetooth to the Twiddler and wireless earbuds, we have the making of an always-on, instantly accessible virtual assistant. What is cool about this setup is that unlike Alexa or Siri, the interaction is silent and eyes-free. With enough practice, you can converse with your bot without looking at your phone’s screen. This is useful when you want to look up information or take notes during meetings or while walking.

While the app is intended to be used on a phone, you can try it out on your computer. I published the code on GitHub.

Feel free to reach out if you have any comments or questions.

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